Meditation Dragon - Hands Together

Meditation Dragon - Hands Together

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e??????Clever design???Cute Dragon Decor,It Is A Small Dragon With Wings ,And It Has Many Shapes.Creative Is Cute And Funny,You Will Feel Relaxed When You See It,And It Will Bring Joy.Each ornament has a novel and unique design that adds color and fun. It meditates in a meditation posture and almost exudes a tranquil atmosphere. Add it to the garden decoration to remind you to slow down.

e??????Material???The Statuette Is Hand-made And Carved With Natural Resin.The Workmanship Is Exquisite the best quality materials are used to ensure durability, and a protective layer is coated on the surface to ensure waterproof and sun protection..It Also Has Hand-painted Ingredients.It Is A Unique Crafts.
e??????Indoor And Outdoor Decor???This Sweet Buddha Dragon Is The Ultimate Representation Of Peacefulness.Resin decorative ornaments are suitable for many occasions. You can place this Zen dragon statue on your flower bed, yoga space or near the stream, or use it as home decoration, outdoor gardens, etc.
Size: 15*15*20cm